Fascia Board & Covering Installation & Repair

We have years of experience shaping and molding aluminum and vinyl fascia coverings in the St. Louis and Jefferson County areas, as well as fascia board construction and repair.

Fascia Boards

The fascia board on your home is the long, straight board that runs along the lower edge of the roof. The fascia board is fixed to the lower ends of the roof trusses and helps support them. The main function of the fascia is to protect the roof and the interior of the home from moisture and the weather by blocking it’s entrance. The fascia board also carries all the guttering on your home or business. Fascia boards are made from various type of wood, but cedar or redwood are preferred due to their moisture and shrink resistant properties.

The fascia, together with the soffit, guttering and roof, is an integral part of your home’s defense against mother nature. It is crucial for the longevity of your home that your fascia board and covering are secure and intact. If your fascia is damaged, your home is more vulnerable to pests, rodents and the weather.

Fascia Board Coverings

Fascia coverings provide an aesthetic function to the appearance of the home as well as protection against moisture, wind, insects and pests, etc.. Aluminum is the preferred material in the U.S. today for fascia board coverings but steel, vinyl, copper and paint are also used, to name a few. Painting your fascia will provide a quick, inexpensive solution but must be maintained and repainted on a regular basis.

If you have a damaged fascia we will help you file a claim, if needed, with your insurance company. We work closely with all insurance companies in the St. Louis and surrounding areas to get your claim filed and your home fixed fast!

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