Aluminum, Vinyl & Various Soffit Installation & Repair

A soffit is the area underneath the eaves , or the roof overhang, on the exterior of a house. Houses that have no roof overhang will have no soffit. Besides closing the area between the home and the edge of the roof, a soffit serves to vent the attic area in many homes. If your home doesn't have soffit it may be ventilated by other means such as vents through the roof. If you are unsure if your house is properly vented you should call us for a free evaluation. Improperly vented homes can result in a dramatic increase in your utility bills.

Soffit Materials

Aluminum soffit is highly durable and will not rot, chip or crack. It tends to be more expensive than vinyl and does not insulate as well as vinyl. Aluminum soffits dent more easily than vinyl if force is applied.

Vinyl tends to be the most affordable option for soffit, especially if covering large areas, aluminum can get expensive. Vinyl is easy to clean, comes in a variety of colors, but tends to discolor more quickly over time than aluminum.

Other Materials

Wood, steel and other materials are used to make soffit but are usually used based on aesthetic reasons. Wood can add a certain charm and rustic feel to a home but is also prone to rot and will need a lot of maintenance.

Steel is a more durable solution than any of the others but comes with a price tag. Steel can be 20 to 30 percent higher on average than an aluminum or vinyl soffit system.

Fiber cement is another less frequently used option. Fiber cement is more expensive than aluminum or vinyl but can provide a durable and aesthetically pleasing alternative for your soffit needs. Fiber cement soffits come in a variety of colors, textures and ventilation arrangements.

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